Daughters of the Wind on Facebook

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 22nd, 2012 in General

Recently I reactivated my “Daughters of the Wind” page on Facebook. Everything I post here will show there, and so will the comments you post here. One basic rule I learned from the social media types at my work is that, if you want to reach more people, you’d better go where they already are (i.e., to Facebook) rather than have them come to you (i.e., this website). Of course I will also write from this website here, and those among you who are blessed enough not have a Facebook account will not be missing anything.

9 Responses to “Daughters of the Wind on Facebook”

  1. I’m glad they’re linked.

    I find that posting pictures on facebook reaches a larger audience, but I’m glad you’re keeping the blog format as well. Trying to engage in conversation in the Facebook comments is quite difficult as each comment can only have one “carriage return”. A paragraph ends up as a jumble of unreadable text.

    Like I said, I’m glad the two are linked, as each has its benefits.

  2. I use “shift-return” to make breaks without posting the comment. Good luck on expanding the community on Facebook. Agree with you that it is something I would prefer to live without!

  3. c’est bien de jouer sur les deux tableaux.Face book permet d’avoir un public plus large non connaisseur au départ mais qui pourront voir autre chose que ce qu’on leur propose habituellement.
    le blog permet de longues discussions sur des sujets importants qui nécessitent une culture du véritable cheval arabe issu du monde bédouin.

  4. Definitely already well established networking set ups are the way to go and I hope to have something similar in action for my blog EQUUS down the track – great idea!

  5. well, I hope you will also continue to keep DOW as an accessible blog, because this “old school” guy still has no Facebook or Twitter accounts, and I have restricted the smart phone from eroding me of my zest for a life less “pixelized.”

  6. I promise I will!

  7. Edouard, this blog is priceless. I think there may be many more readers or keen followers (such as myself) than people actually contributing. FB is certainly a useful tool, but those with passion for the particular subject will find/locate the blog in one way or another. Please keep up the excellent work.

  8. I would like to echo Joe and PaulM AND Christine’s sentiments. The more eyes that can be exposed to your blog and it’s wonderful information, the better! Both formats have there advantages.

  9. Readers may be able to help Jadah Kerasun (again?).


    I have a blind Bedouin Arab mare named Jadah, 13 years. She is black. Her name is Jadah Kerasun. If you Google her name you will find several entries about how rare her bloodlines are. She is registered and I have her papers. She should be bred by someone with the desire to spend the time with her desensitizing. She lost her sight in two separate accidents and is not aggressive, but reactive and spooky. There are only 4 mares in the world left alive with her bloodlines tracing back to the mare, Samirah, bred by the king of Saudi Arabia in the 1800’s. Her mother, sister and niece are the other three. She comes with her “seeing eye” filly, a comatose starvation case that I saved who is completely back to normal, but will be small…she looks like an arab cross. bella has a hernia I didn’t plan on correcting since her job is babysitting Jadah.

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