Daughters of the Wind on the rise

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 22nd, 2010 in General

Earlier this month, this little website reached it’s 50,000th unique visitor and hit the milestone 1,000,000 clicks a few days later, over the 30 months of its short life.

In terms of comparative rankings, Daughters of the Wind now ranks in the top 250,000 websites in the USA, and in the top one million websites worldwide, up from somewhere in the top 22 millions when it first started. Its readership grew by 360% over the last three months, and now averages 500 daily unique visitors . Not bad for a start-up, solely focused on such a specific and tiny segment of interest: animals, not any animals, horses, not any horses, arabians, not any arabians, asil arabians, not any asil arabians, rare and little known lines.

You can check these stats by visiting websites like alexa.com, which rank other websites in terms of traffic. Just write daughterofthewind.org in the Search box.

10 Responses to “Daughters of the Wind on the rise

  1. Bravo Edouard

    ??? ????? ???

  2. Sorry I wrote in Arabic “Allah Ibarek fik” but it seems that the blog dont take Arabic caracters

  3. Congratulations! Well-earned!

  4. WOW Edouard! Congratulations. What an accomplishment for a most significant blog and a great compliment for you personally. WAHOOEY!!! I really admire you and all that you have to say, concerning the preservation and perpetuation of the Asil Arabian Horse.


  5. Very well deserved. Your knowledge is much admired!! Thank you for all the info.

  6. I am the first to be surprised with these stats.. now i feel the pressure to write every day..

  7. Mabroooook , I really like your blog , well done my dear friend

  8. thanks, Omar. There is an upcoming article on your Khdili horses, and I hope you contribute to the discussion..

  9. Edouard, well done. Take much pride in “knowing you when….”
    Always learning from your blog.

  10. Tzviah, you started it all in 1994, in Meknes, Morocco!

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