Davenports in Endurance

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 19th, 2012 in General

Lisa is asking how well Davenport and Part Davenport Arabians do in high level endurance racing. Does anyone have numbers, facts, etc to share?

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  1. Edouard, Not sure as to the numbers of this past weekend’s attendee’s at the Maynesboro Stud 100th Memorial, however it was great to have the Brown family members be included in this well organized, very well attended (18+ 50 milers, 19+ 25 milers and 28+ pleasure riders)event! There were Arabians everywhere! Very telling to have the top 3 winners of the 50 mile come across the finishline- holding hands, 3 abreast in sync at the trot! What a tribute to the breed and its participants- the greatest for me… was as I left Berlin, NH with our 6 horses, looking back was a double rainbow over the presidential mountain range of New Hampshire, quite an experience!
    Would love to have the numbers of Davenports- I believe if Steve or Dinah Rozek were contacted they would have more info.

  2. Thanks Edouard, I will be interested to see any responses to this!

  3. The historically dominant bloodlines of endurance riding in the U.S. has been essentially CMK, with some Polish thrown in. I mean dominance in terms of sheer numbers competing. Of course the Kellog horses were davenport blended with Crabbet. A good way to illustrate this is to all breed database any of the Rushcreek Ranch horses you can get to list and look over their pedigrees 3 or 4 generations back.
    Best Wishes
    Bruce Peek

  4. Thanks Bruce, Crabbet here too with some Polish but in the last 10 years or so internationally French bred endurance horses are winning out though that may have a lot to do with French dominance in the sport… it can become a self fulfilling prophecy… that is what the French and UAE are riding so that is what people buy… having said that the last 100km ride I was at I was approached several times by members of the UAE team admiring and trying to buy my nearly 100% Crabbet gelding I told them… shukran,but I wouldn’t sell him for £10 million! He is my friend.
    I would like to know though about today… are high % or straight Davenports proving themselves at high level?
    I really like the look of theae horses and from what I’ve read on here their temperaments are also lovely but I was interested to know if they also exemplify that other definitive virtue of the Arab… endurance? I am very slightly tempted to look into bringing some blood over here…

  5. Actually, CMK is only a portion of the Rushcreek breeding. So many of the mare lines trace to the Saudi Arabian imports of Albert Harris combined with the early Davenport and Hamidie imports and Huntington imports. Another very influential American bred endurance winner and sire was the great Bezatal, sire of 158 get. His sire Bezaleel was bred by the Babson farm, from imported Egyptian and Dwarka breeding, and his dam is a blend of CMK, Davenport, old French and Syrian/Bistanny breeding. I believe Edouard is more familiar with modern French breeding which seems to be very different than the early French lines imported by WR Brown in the 1920s.

  6. Statistically CMK horses have been over-represented among the successful endurance horses, compared to their presence in the breed–it is not just a matter of outnumbering the rest. Unfortunately the web site where this was summarized is currently down. We don’t yet see a lot of French competitors in North America, I don’t know that there will be sufficient financial motivation to bring them but of course time will tell.

    Also, to head off an apparent misperception, “CMK” includes all of “the Saudi Arabian imports of Albert Harris . . . the early Davenport and Hamidie imports and Huntington imports . . . Dwarka breeding . . . old French and Syrian/Bistanny breeding.”

  7. Michael,
    if Harris horses are included in the CMK definition, why aren’t the mares part of the published CMK dam lines? Does this have to do with a revised definition?

  8. In short, yes. I don’t have time to expand that today, maybe later.

  9. I thought the Harris horses were part of the CMKs’,and that CMk’s were everything that was imported till 1950- so would also include the Hearst importation. Hope I have that right.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  10. I must apologize that I do not know the ins and outs of the CMK definition and I generally tend to think of earlier American imports from Crabbet, as well as the Maynesboro Stud imports (WR Brown) and the Kellogg stock which used Crabbet and Davenport as key elements of the recipe. So looking back on that I now see where WR Brown’s French imports would fit in and also some of the Huntington and Hamidie stock would fit in, and even Dwarka I guess when one realizes that he did have some other English influence besides his son Aldebar being imported by Babson. But I thought that Mr. Harris’s Saudi imports were uniquely not incorporated into Crabbet/Maynesboro/Kellogg breeding programs. Either way the predominantly Babson Egyptian Bezaleel as well as the Harris Saudi stock does figure in American Endurance bloodlines. It is also interesting to note that the Ibn Samhan grandson Faddan bred by Mr. Babson appears in a variety of both Racing and Endurance pedigrees. And Sirecho when bred to the Faddan daughter Fad Roufa produced Joramir who figured quite well in the American racing scene, up until more recently where the modern French bred stock seem to exceed most other Arabian racing stock.

  11. il faudrait sur toutes les lignées asils et qui le sont restées, faire le point sur leur qualité en endurance sur les courses d’au moins 90 km et par extension sur les autres disciplines équestres à bon niveau en mettant un plus pour les lignées ayant au moins une certaine polyvalence sur 2 ou plusieurs disciplines.

  12. Absolument Fabienne.

  13. Although our numbers are among the smallest in preservation movements, the breeding group from straight Sa’ud imports of the Aramco period (1960’s) excel at endurance. Go to http://www.AERC.org and search in records for horses. Simply type in AAS and a large group of endurance horses from just our farm and our efforts will appear. The exceptional cardio/pulmonary system of these horses makes them out recover almost anything else out there, with little conditioning.

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