Desert-bred Mlolshaan stallion’s semen to be shipping soon

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 4th, 2011 in Bahrain

Bill Biel, the owner of the desert-bred Kuhaylan al-Mulawlish stallion “Mlolshaan Hager Solomon“, told Jenny Krieg that he was open to shipping semen from his 25 year old Bahraini stallion, if his semen actually proved shippable. This is a unique opportunity to breed from the only Arabian horse currently alive in the USA that was actually born in Arabia. Kuhaylan al-Mulawliwsh is known as Kuhaylan Mulawlishan. Photo Jenny Krieg.

One Response to “Desert-bred Mlolshaan stallion’s semen to be shipping soon”

  1. I am Interested in Breeding My SE RR Miss Kitty G mare Egyptian I. to your Stallion. I Breed her 3 yrs ago and I have a wonderful grey filly from her.Please send total costs.

    Thank you
    Shamai Arabians
    Sharen K. Morse

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