Dhahmaan Hoobeishi at Royal Stables, Bahrain

By Matthias Oster

Posted on May 12th, 2017 in Bahrain

Dhahmaan Hoobeishi 1085, dark bay stallion, born 1998, by Kuheilaan Umm Zorayr Al Dheleem 407 out of Dhahma Umm Wajnah 821

4 Responses to “Dhahmaan Hoobeishi at Royal Stables, Bahrain”

  1. The color comes from his sire, and that strain of K. Umm Zorayr was so well known for horses of dark color. In the Abbas Pasha Manuscript, who find a lof the references to the “Kuhaylan called Dahman”, Dahman here meaning “dark”, not the Dahman strain.
    They original Bahraini mare was also dark.

  2. Is his dam deceased?

  3. yes

  4. I’m looking for an Arabian horse with exactly same markings as on dhahman hobeishi. Is there any way you can help me locate such a horse for buying.

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