Do we know who this mare is?

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 24th, 2011 in General

The photo was taken at Hingham Stock Farm, but it’s not *Werdi. Is it *Haffia?

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  1. We aren’t sure. It does not really look the photo we have think is *Haffia. There are no apparent markings on the legs. There is no broad blaze, but stars, narrow strips and snips can’t be seen. There are several mares it could be. *Haffia is a possibility, certainly.

  2. The development of the hindquarter makes me think this is a young mare, possibly on her first pregnancy, in which case it could be a mare bred at Hingham, not just one of the imports.

  3. Could that be Fahreddin (Abu Zeyd x Abeyah), born 1913? Do markings and descriptions fit?

  4. I don’t think there is any evidence that Fahreddin was ever at Hingham, is there?

  5. No, Fahreddin pretty clearly stayed in New Jersey until she went to W.R. Brown. Also, she had white markings that would have shown here.

    I had wondered if this might be *Pride (it resembles both *Galfia and Sheba to my eye) but on further thought it struck me, there are only, what, three or four? registered horses from Bradley’s breeding before he was involved in Davenport Desert Arabian Stud. It stands to reason he bred more horses than that between 1893 and 1906, and he also owned some of the Hamidie imports that were never registered. There’s evidence in the horse papers of the time that he sold unregistered Arabians. Since we don’t know when these unidentified pictures were taken, we can’t really be sure they’re actually horses that made their way into the stud book, and having no visible markings on this one increases the difficulty.

  6. Well Carol Mulder identifies her as Haffia in her Imported Foundation stock book. Mention has been made of her hindend, which is problematical since her dam was Abeya, described as having the best back tendons of anything in horse flesh by Davenport, and her sire was great Hamdabni who also sired Hamra and Euphrates who both had fabulously stroing hindquarters. Maybe the explanation is that the photo was taken when she was youngish- less than 5 years old and hence not fully developed yet..
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  7. She does not look like the other photo we have of *Haffia, though.

  8. I can see the look of *Galfia there. There is just a “feel” that is closer to that line than to *Abeyah, although I realize that is pretty flimsy evidence!

  9. I agree, It is the fineness of the silhouette.

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