Du Akhir Flame

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 26th, 2012 in General

I was looking at the current Babson Egyptian Arabian stallions tonight, and I was struck by this younger stallion, bred by Dan Ulm. The 2001 chesntnut Saqlawi Jadran stallion Du Akhir Flame (Ibn Mahrouf x Serra Afina by Serr Rou) is quite something.  He is really well built, and I especially like the shoulder, the depth of girth and the withers. I even like the color. He is owned by Kim Cooper of Missouri Virginia.


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  1. I notice his muscling appears to go down into the back of his thigh quite nicely. Looking at Kim Coopers horses at her place I also see that one her fillies has a nice round hindend- not that awful dysfunctional flat butt that looks like it has been cut off short that is so often seen in U.S. arabs. These guys are definitely interesting horses!
    Best Wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. I never seen a so nice chest like that!

  3. Beautiful horse very striking… He caught my eye right away with his balance type and beautiful color. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Edouard for posting this blog on DU Akhir Flame. \I am a great fan of Dan Ulm’s breeding programme and the many wonderful horses he has bred over the years. I like Dan’s mare named DU Bint Nasra, who was leased by Lisa Rettke, up until very recently. Her dam is a maternal sister of my Princeton Maarena, as both mares are out of Princeton Gamila.

    Kim Cooper is an enthusiastic and dedicated breeder of Babson horses. However, I thought she is in Missouri and not Virginia? She also owns HR Hasim Legacy, who is one of my favorite SBE stallions.

    Best wishes to you for a happy new year.


  5. uhmmm, nice Not unlike what I see in my paddocks – although partial Babson breeding, it sure shines through.

  6. He is nice! Lots of balance and strength in this stallion whom I saw in 2010. I have her half sister at home and love the Ibn Mahrouf gets in general. He was a pretty special sire even if he had not that many offsprings…

  7. Thank You Edouard for writing about Flame. And also for crediting Dan Ulm. Also Thank You Ralph for mention of Dan again and also our special HR Hasims Legacy. Dan has been a fantastic breeder, breeding some where around 75 plus foals and has owned so many many of the great horse names we are so familiar with.
    Flame has his first SBE foal due in 2013. Previously he has had three Babson Sirecho foals. One of the foals was with DU Bint Nasra mentioned above by Ralph.
    Flame is well mannered and easy to handle, he has even been successful and safe for pasture breeding when needed.
    Flame is an important part of our future herd at Axiom Arabians in Missouri. Thank You all for your support.

  8. Thank you for this nice story on Flame, Edouard. He is beautiful. He is a perfect example of why these classic Egyptian Arabian horses should be preserved. Flame is representative of not only the SBEs, but of the Hallany Mistanny and Sirecho families as well, bloodlines that also figured prominently in Dan Ulm’s breeding. Also it was nice to see Dan’s breeding get the credit it deserves. Thank you again.

  9. If I were a Babson or Babson related (Brown/Sirecho etc) breeder, I would use and overuse that stallion..

  10. Lovely !

  11. Love this photo. Thanks for posting. My first impression in seeing this photo is the reminisce of the Babson Stallion Fleet Foot (Khebir x Nadra) 37% Bint Bint Sabbah. Du Akhir Flame is very much like him. Also I see the influence of his sire Ibn Mahrouf who was at our place years ago. Add to that he has the color of his grandsire Serr Rou and some elements of Mahrouf also. You could even say he is reminiscent of Fleet Foot’s sire Khebir. So there is a persistence of this look in his ancestry which seems to be in the chestnut colored line bred Bint Bint Sabbah horses. She always put a nice short back on most of her line as well as good athleticism and the Bint Bint Sabbah’s are extremely intelligent and easy to train.

  12. I really like that look and color!
    Joe, Diana Johnson has a video of Khebir at liberty. Loved him

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