En Pointe CF, asil Kuhaylah Hayifyah mare, USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 7th, 2012 in General

I think I may have already written that this mare was one of my favorite living asil mares, on pedigree, on photo, and in real life (I saw her at Carol Lyons in 2003 or was it 2004? I don’t remember): En Pointe CF is a war mare the likes of which seldom exist today. An ‘atiq (antique, ancient in Arabic) mare of the ancient desert type, reminiscent in her style and class of the Old Blunt mares of the Rodania tail female like Risala and Rissla.

Her dam Pirouette CF is my all time favorite living Davenport mare, and her sire Triermain CF is my favorite living Davenport stallion. Her double grandsire Javera Thadrian is simply my all time favorite asil Arabian stallion in the West (but you knew that already).

By the way, I do believe that linebreeding to Javera Thadrian does produce outstanding horses. En Pointe CF is one example; Tantris CF is another, and my own Wadha (Javera Thadrian x Wisteria CF by Triermain CF, by Javera Thadrian) and Wadd (Triermain CF x Wisteria CF by Triermain CF) are not bad at all, either.

Not sure who owns her today, but she is lucky.

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  1. She is right where we left her, with Diane Lyons in Dallas, Oregon — not far from the Geercrest farm where this was shot in 2006 during the Davenport Conservancy centennial celebration (of the importation).

  2. Yes, a beautiful mare, and a 10th generation Craver Farms horse, counting through Monsoon to Dharanah. When Charles Craver started collecting Tripoli, Dharebah, Dhalana, and Dharanah in the 1950s, informed opinion was that there were too few Davenport horses, too closely related to go forward with a breeding program. Yet look at En Pointe CF, part of the “core group” bred at Craver Farms that descended from various combinations of Hanad, Poka, Dhareb, Antarah, and Salan. When you take into consideration the Kurush, Hadban, and Hamdani horses, none of which figure in En Pointe’s pedigree, there is even more genetic breadth.

  3. I spent some time with Pirouette on Sunday. She is no longer the mare in this shot: http://daughterofthewind.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/pirouette.jpg

    She now resembles the mare I first met at Cravers so long ago, full and curved in every line, accentuated by an unapologetic winter coat and the requisite complement of dirt, and still the most beautiful thing on four hooves.

    She’s due in late May, Edouard. 😉

  4. i need to breed a few thousand dollars…

  5. If she foals a colt, I will kiss the ground. So bet on a filly. 😉

  6. Amber, who is Pirouette bred to?
    I remember seeing her at Cravers around 1999 and she was a beauty. Charles mentioned that her full brother was more beautiful than her but sadly his owner gelded him. I always cherish these memories and I wish I had then a digital camera.

  7. Pirouette is in foal to Dubloon CF, the youngest of the two remaining Lysander sons.

    As Charles and I discussed on the phone a year ago or so, ‘reversion to the mean’ means that it’s difficult for a mare of this quality to reproduce herself. Still, an En Pointe or a Quatrain is nothing to sneeze at:


    I’m not sure where Pirouette’s older half sister Soubrette CF, but she has three younger half-sisters by Student Prince CF who are with their breeder Shirley Jacobson. Pictures I have seen indicate they are quite up to the form of the rest.

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