By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 19th, 2011 in General

The Egyptian stallion Fa-Rab (*Fadl x Aana by Fay El Dine), a Dahman bred at the Babson Farm, from Billy Sheet’s photo collection. Not sure who took the photo.

5 Responses to “Fa-Rab”

  1. Now, I like an old fashion horse, like that, Went out of fashion, then came back in as a cross to the horses that were imported after 1958, then came back into fashion for themselves, for awhile.

  2. When it comes to Arabian horses, I like everything “old fashioned”. They’re the real thing.

  3. The photo reminds me of the first Breyer arabian horse I had as a child. And that was in the 1960s.

  4. so you had one of those, too!

  5. Now thats what i call a short gaskin..Of course the camera angle accentuates it quite a bit, so its probably actually a wee bit longer than it looks. The other thing is, look at the arch in his neck. To me it shows classical Arabian type as opposed to the flat nbeck which is more Thoroughbred type and is seen in the strongly flat race influenced breeding programs of, for example the Communist era Polish arabs.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

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