“Fahad Abdallah the Agheyleh Sheykh”

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 20th, 2015 in Saudi

Unpublished excerpts from Lady Anne Blunt’s Journals for the early part of the year 1889, obtained from the Wentworth Bequest at the British Library courtesy of Bill Cooke at the International Museum of the Horse include several references to a “Fahad Abdallah, the Agheyleh Sheykh”; he is identified as a merchant who supplied Prince Ahmad Pasha Kamal, Ahmed Bey Sennari and others with desert-bred Arabian horses, on at least one occasion, in 1889, when Lady Anne saw and liked some of these horses. Fahad is also the one who obtained the stallion Koheilan El Mossen for Sennari, perhaps as part of that same batch of horses in 1889.

A Journal entry from that period mentions Fahad Abdallah as being from the Qassim town of Buraydah, the center of the Agheylat caravan trade network. The Agheylat were a corporation of camel, horse, sheep, ghee, cloth and food staples merchants from Central Arabia, who operated a dense and active network of caravan trading spanning Central Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Iraq and Egypt, with hubs in Baghdad, Damascus, Kuwait, and even Bombay. They were from settled families from the Central Arabian area of Qassim, most of them being from either Buraydah or ‘Unayzah, and many tracing their roots to the settled Tamim tribe, while others were from the Shammar, the Anazah and others. In another entry, Lady Anne reported a story her stud helper Zeyd al-Mutayri told her about members of the Ibn Saud family killing Abd al-‘Aziz, Fahad’s grand-father, who was the ruler (amir) of Buraydah. 

All these elements helped me identify Fahad as Fahad son of Abdallah son of Abd al-Aziz son of Muhammad son of Abdallah son of Hasan from Aal (family) Abu ‘Alyan, from the ‘Anaqir clan of the Beni Tamim tribe. His grand-father Abd al-Aziz was indeed the ruler of Buraydah from 1827 to 1860, and was killed by Mohammad son of Faysal ibn Turki Aal Saud in 1860. Mehanna Aba al-Khail, from a rival family of Agheylat took over the governorship of Buraydah, which became a satellite of the Wahhabi state.

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  1. Excellent!

  2. Edouard,

    I am beginning to think you traveled so far away is for the research! In any case the extra knowledge is always welcome.

    My greetings, Jackson Hensley

  3. That’s a good one!

  4. Another Agheyl involved in getting horses to people in Egypt is of course Ali Abdallah Al-Bassam (from Onayza in Qassim), who obtained Krushan, Saadun, Dohayyah, Jauza, Saade and Aida for Lady Anne in 1911-1913, and whose father obtained Rabda (dam of Rabdan) for Prince Ahmad Kamal Pasha.

    And yet another Agheyl was Aid Al-Tamimi, with whom the Blunts also considered dealing at some point.

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