Fascinating letters relating to the 1931 Ziętarski / Raswan horsebuying trip

By Ambar

Posted on May 23rd, 2011 in General

Monika Luft writes:

A sensational discovery: Unknown letters of Bogdan Ziętarski and Carl Raswan from their expedition to Arabia! Polskiearaby.com have unearthed documents which cast a new light on the famous horse-buying expedition for the stud of Prince Roman Sanguszko in Gumniska near Tarnów. Several letters, discovered 80 years after being written, bring surprising details on one of the most extraordinary expeditions of the 20th century.

More here: http://www.polskiearaby.com/?page=ludzie_i_konie&lang=en&id=52

See Edouard’s previous quote from Bogdan Ziętarski.

4 Responses to “Fascinating letters relating to the 1931 Ziętarski / Raswan horsebuying trip”

  1. Fascinating!

  2. I loved it! Thank you, Ambar, for posting this link!

  3. Interesting that “Karl Raswan” refers to NEDJARI from Sanguszko stud, born in France from NIBEH (Oriental imported from Syria), and then cancelled from the polish studbook due to Maanaghi blood in it…

  4. Absolutely enthralling. Wonderful to get such details on such an important expedition, “warts and all”.

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