Felha, asil Kuhaylah Nawwaqiyah mare from the Tahawi in Egypt

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 11th, 2012 in Egypt

Yasser Ghanim Barakat sent me this recent photo of the asil Kuhaylat al-Nawwaq Tahawi mare Felha (El Kharass x San’aa), aged 25. Felha was bred by Shaikh Soliman Eliwa al-Tahawi and is now owned by his grandson Hossam Abdullah Soliman. An ongoing campaign is currently taking place to get her and 11 other Tahawi mares accepted by the EAO and mtDNA testing was done to compare this line with that of another Tahawi Kuhaylat al-Nawwaq mare, *Malouma, as well with the existing K. al-Nawwaq lines in Syria and Lebanon.


2 Responses to “Felha, asil Kuhaylah Nawwaqiyah mare from the Tahawi in Egypt”

  1. What a lovely old lady. I do hope they are able to get another foal from her.

  2. She really is lovely….beautiful expression.

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