Finish line photos of Ahmad Ibish’s horses at the racetrack

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 13th, 2015 in General






From the collection of his grandson and namesake Ahmed Ibish, Jr, who writes:

These are some photos of winning horses of Ahmed Ibish, you can identify them with the previous photos, by
horse shapes and numbers. It’s a pity no names preserved. I can only recollect my father describing how some
of his father’s horses “took the Primo.”

As to the racing track I can not be sure, is it that of Beirut or Alexandria? No clue.
Mostly Beirut, simply because it could not be practical for him to transport his stallions all the way to Alexandria
for the sheer purpose of racing. He used to go there for rather selling some of them, and given his old age in the
photos I do not think he would have taken the burden.

only can remember how my father spoke of the exquisite method of training and weight loss (Tadhmeer) Ibish
used to apply on his horses. He also said that he was a stern man who would not utter a single word about these
secret methods. But in general he was close to the Bedouin tribes of the Syrian desert, hence he learned most of
his techniques.


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