First Roots of Kuhaylan al-Ajuz

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 20th, 2014 in General

Now that I have read the Abbas Pasha Manuscript — the equivalent of the Bible for Arabian horses — from cover to cover a fair number of times, I have learned that all Kuhaylan ‘Ajuz horses originate from two wellsprings: the Sharif of Mecca in the Hijaz, and the major tribe of Qahtan, and more specifically the Qahtan sub-tribe of ‘Abidah in Wadi Tathlith (SW Saudi Arabia). I don’t know yet what the connections between these two sources are.

The story of al-Harqah (originally a Kuhaylat ‘Ajuz) is illustrative of the horses that came out of the Sharif of Mecca.




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  1. Per the Abbas Pasha Manuscript, the following strains originated with the ‘Abida sub-tribe of Qahtan:

    K. Krush
    K. Mimrah
    K. al-Ubaysah
    K. Moradi
    K. Aafes
    K. ibn Nawmah
    K. abu Minqarah
    K. al-dabbagh
    K. Um Arqub
    K al-Amouda
    K ibn Jarshan
    K Jellabiyah

  2. Just a note to say how much I am really enjoying these posts.

  3. Thank you! they were supposed to be part of a book, but time is lacking, so I am putting elements of up for early publication online through this blog.

  4. It’s interesting that both the Sharif of Mecca and the tribe of Abidah/Qahtan are in West Arabia, not in Nejd, nor in the East and not in the North.

    There was generally an early (17th century onwards) pattern of migration from west to east Arabia: Qahtan, bani Hajar, bani Hussein (a main component of the Dhafeer), Utaybah all originated in the eastern foothills of the Hijaz, in West Arabia.

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