Fourth guest blogger: Joe Achcar

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 22nd, 2008 in General

One purpose of this blog is to bridge the gap between arabian horse breeders in the East (the cradle of the breed) and the West (its area of expansion). After introducing Joe Ferriss, RJ Cadranell and Charles Craver (who has yet to send me his contribution), all Asil Arabian horse figures from the West, now is the time to turn to the East.

My first guest blogger from the East is Joe Achcar. Joe is a veteran Arabian horse breeder and enthusiast from Lebanon, and an early supporter of Asil Arabian breeding. He has published widely on Asil Arabians in Gulf country press outlets. He currently trains Arabian race horses in Damascus, Syria.

3 Responses to “Fourth guest blogger: Joe Achcar”

  1. Hi to Joe Achcar, and we welcome you. I enjoyed meeting Joe in 1996 in Syria. He is full of knowledge and enthusiasm. Also he is a great one for unearthing interesting things published way in the past, usually Middle Eastern literature, or early travelers. I enjoy from time to time pictures of some of his impressive horses that he sends out and perhaps we can see more of them here.

    I think this is a wonderful blog site where we can all share our experiences, feelings, and hopes for the future of the Arabian horse in all its layers of complexity. What we talk about here may be centered around our passion for the traditional Asil horse, but this discussion site offers greater value to all Arabian horse enthusiasts world wide who wish to search for the bigger picture of the Arabian horse. I hope that our discussions can assist some from unnecessarily eliminating choices that would be good for them because of being misled by misconceptions which have never been corrected in the mainstream.

  2. Well, about Charles: he is just not that comfortable with email. I have been turning the thumbscrews a little tighter all the time, and he swears that he has started a post. :>

    I am looking forward to seeing more from everyone, and hope to get Charles up to speed soon!

  3. That was just a gentle nudge from my side. He can take all the time he needs. 🙂

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