Ghadia’s soulful eyes

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 7th, 2013 in General

I am so fond of this picture of Lady Anne’s Radia/Ghadia (Feysul x Ghazala) and can’t stop looking at these eyes and muzzle. Why did so many of today’s Egyptian horses, as beautiful and pretty as they are, lose these soulful eyes? Their eyes now have the size, the sparkle, the stare, the dark skin, but not the soul. Where has the soul gone? From time to time, it makes a comeback in a few individuals, and then it vanishes again.


4 Responses to “Ghadia’s soulful eyes”

  1. Thanks Edouard for sharing this Carl Raswan image of Radia [Ghadia]. I wrote a tribute to Bint Radia two weeks ago for Arabianessence and it will soon be out as their next newsletter.

    Edouard, I think you will agree, along with all others who attended the 2011 Al Khamsa convention in Pennsylvania, that Jenny Kreig’s mare Lady Fuchsia (Rafik El Bedu x Jasmine CRF, a double Ceres dam) had just about the most soulful expression ever seen in an Arabian mare of modern times. I know in my mind she was unforgettable.

  2. Thanks, Joe! Fuchsia has the temperament to match those lovely eyes…

  3. DB Rulique…has those eyes, and so does Dhehalliah, the mare Eddie Booth posted a couple of pictures of on Facebook (BAHC page) yesterday. I think she and Rulique are 1st cousins but closer…can’t quite figure it out. I need a degree in higher math. They have the eye you are speaking of, though.

  4. WHAT a mare!! So gorgeous!

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