Gilad Ibn Dubloon, 2008 Kuhaylan Hayfi stallion

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 17th, 2014 in General

In my opinion, this is one of the best up and coming Davenport stallions. He is almost perfect, and very reminiscent of 1960s Davenport stallions. He is by Dubloon CF out of Genuine Tes LD by Tesio CF.

6 Responses to “Gilad Ibn Dubloon, 2008 Kuhaylan Hayfi stallion”

  1. Glad to see this guy getting some press. His photos are lovely.

  2. I saw Gilad last year and was quite impressed. He is also very like the Lysander and/or Portia stallions that first drew me to the Davenports. I got a rush of the old excitement and joy watching him show off.

  3. Gilad is a stallion to watch in the future of core Kuhaylan-Haifi Davenport breeding. A wonderful representative of his sire Dubloon CF.

  4. Look at the width of his forehead ! (in human terms) Mashallah.

  5. I can see Lysander face in him. Nice!!

  6. I agree with Jenny and Bassam, I see a lot of Lysander influence which is a treasure. Lysander remains to me one of the most “classic” Arabians in the original 19th century engraving sense. With Gilad Ibn Dubloon being tail female to the magnificent mare Thea Isis you can’t miss with this pedigree.

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