Ginger this afternoon

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 20th, 2015 in General

This is my DA Ginger Moon (DB Destiny Moniet x Kumence RSI by Monietor), a Saqlawiyah Jadraniyah, tail female to Rabanna carrying a high percentage of horses from the lines of Abbas Pasha and Ali Pasha Sharif. Her body is still too thin to take a full conformation shot.

She was in foal to the Bahraini stallion Mlolshaan Hager Solomon, but did not keep the pregnancy.


Next time I will bring one of my old Bedouin halters. I never think of these things beforehand.

Ginger July 2015

12 Responses to “Ginger this afternoon”

  1. I really like this mare’s overall head and her very nice eye IMHO. She has a very sweet nature if still a bit skittish about being handled. And she has the loveliest long tippy ears.

  2. She is so beautiful, I love the dreamy look in her eye. I had another look at the photos of her that were posted last August, interesting to compare her to the photo of Gulastra below, as she has him in her pedigree? There is something about the line of her head and neck which gives me goosebumps

  3. Vivienne, if you saw the cartoon “the Last Unicorn” as a kid, and were affected by it, then you will see the resemblance

    She gives me goosebumps too, and i can’t help but think she is the reincarnation of some ancient goddess into a horse like the girl in the “Last Unicorn” was.

  4. She is absolutely lovely.

  5. Aah yes, she has that ethereal quality! It’s very sad that she lost her foal

  6. I have her full sister DA Moon Dancer. Not sure how to include a picture but will if interested.

  7. just email it to me:

  8. Looks like you had a fun filled day!

    Am sure you enjoyed!

  9. oh it was the best day in so many months!

  10. Lovely mare to go with a lovely pedigree.


  11. your Doyle-Pritzlaff mare is at least as good Megan, if not better.

  12. Very pretty, would be interesting to see a bodyshot …

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