Glorious Bahri, 1983 asil Hamdani Simri stallion in Canada

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 5th, 2011 in Arabia, Saudi

The glorious asil Hamdani Simri stallion Bahri (Ruta-Am x Taamhal by Taamri out of Halwaaji), a four-times grandson of the desert, since all his grandparents were imported by Sam Roach from the stables of King Ibn Saud in al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia.

Bahri was bred by Lee Oellerich in Canada, and is still doing great at 28 years old. His color certainly comes from his double grandsire *Taamri, whose name means ‘date-color’ from ‘tamr’, dates in Arabic.

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  1. He is a very interesting and striking colour. At least in the photo.

  2. Yes, this is Bahri’s colour, although at times he is much darker and his mane/tail are always red. Lee

  3. lovely 🙂

  4. Beautiful horse with not so common color ……

    Does anyone know one information?
    Here is already written about stallion SIGLAVY BAGDADY VI.

    Like you can see from his mother side he hawe mare 5 Gazal(gr. 1912).
    There is no info about her, but is it possible that mare is connected to Stallion Gazal who is purchased in Syrian desert and send to Borike stud in 1905?

  5. Allso look this Shagya pedigree.
    It is conected with Borike stud, 29 SiglavyIII was not pure, but I”m not sure is correct to call this horse shagya.

    This is his son, he is sure not shagya, he is Borike arabian.


    Same think with this stallion.

    His father was Gazal, gray born 1903 in Syrian deser(brought to Borike in 1905, allso caled 13 Gazal), and mother was 12 En Nasira (1899, pure blood Arabian).
    Meaning 34 Gazal II is pure blood arabian.

  7. Mistake, Gazal 13 was bay, 34 Gazal II was gray.

  8. If i remember correctly There was a pre World war 1 Gazal that was indeed Asil. And indeed I beleive the english language forward to one of the German Shagya studbooks mentions him, and then goes on to talk about how in later years the purebreds were lost and only the Shagya Gazal lines were left. R. J Cadranal would have more info on this though.
    Argo I agree with you about how interesting Sig Bag6 is. What fabulously strong legs, and a neck that is more than long enough.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  9. I”d put a link, but it is not allowed.

    I write about that Gazal.

    Type in google Borike arabian horse and there you will find info.

  10. nice to see a picture of this horse. nice color. I own a son of mujiz. he’s 3 jrs old now.

  11. The more I see and learn about these Roach-bred horses, the more impressed I am…

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