Goodbye Aana

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 23rd, 2016 in General

The sweet Juans Aana (El Reata Juan x Suuds Juli Aana), a Ma’naqiyah Sbayliyah from the line of Haidee, 26 years old this year, left to what seems to be a good retirement home yesterday. I kept her 16 year old daughter which I still hope to breed this year. If it’s a colt, I will keep him as a stallion. There is nothing better than a Ma’naqi stallion for breeding. I say this, but Hakim ibn Mhayd also said it and wrote it to Davenport, and he knew what he was talking about.





6 Responses to “Goodbye Aana”

  1. Looks the Desert Arabian like many Syrian lines.

  2. Amazing mare!!!!

  3. Enjoy your retirement home Aana!

  4. Have great retirement Aana!

  5. I have found this blog extremely interesting indeed and I have learned a great deal. I am grateful to and respectful of you Edouard but must say one phrase in the above post jarred with me and reminded me of some preservation breeders here ie ‘If it’s a colt , I will keep him as a stallion’ there, for me, is one too few ‘ifs’ in that sentence. For me it is a question of ‘if it is a colt and IF he is good enough I will keep him as a stallion’, even with the most superlative and closely bred (so you can be more sure of what to expect) bloodlines not every colt will be of stallion material, not even every other or even one in 5. I don’t mean this personally, I love, love, love most of the horses that I have seen on here and respect the vast majority of the commenters and their aims immensely but the horse must be viewed and assessed dispassionately before breeding, however royal the pedigree.
    I am certain that I am stating the very obvious here and that Edouard is thinking ‘ca va sans dire, you stupid woman’, but too many times I have been shown an awful colt, stallion or even broodmare of precious bloodlines and all the proud owner can see is the living pedigree not the animal in front of them!

    The above written as a general observation on preservation breeding (valuable and important as it is)and it’s pitfalls and with great respect.
    PS I also saw the picture of Aana’s daughter, she is lovely and I DO hope that if you get a colt he will be of stallion material in all respects!! 🙂

  6. I agree. I risk becoming one of these preservation breeders you are talking about!

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