Goodbye Jadiba

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 23rd, 2015 in General

So my beloved old Jadiba (Dib x Jabinta by Jadib) went to her retirement home on Christmas Eve 2014, thanks to Monica Respet’s help and friendship. She was the Christmas gift for a family with small children. I wish her well. My only regret is not to have been able to breed a replacement daughter. I will always regret that September 2011 failed AI breeding attempt to a stallion born in 1979. The semen was dead when it reached the mare, and she never cycled after that.

photo (16)

4 Responses to “Goodbye Jadiba”

  1. Ok, now I am curious. I looked up all the stallions born in 1979 … Alaadri or Bragadoon Fa Raad? I am that much more curious as I used to know Bragadoon & was wondering if he was still alive in 2011.

  2. Have you tried to PG her, get her into cycle with an injection ?

  3. Yes, the one remaining egg is way too small..

  4. At least it looks like Jadiba will have a pampered retirement.

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