Gorgeous Suri Al Sahra, 2013 Hadba Enzahi filly

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 13th, 2013 in General

How I love this young Davenport filly of the Hadban Enzahi strain, born a couple months ago at Jeannie Lieb’s from her rescue mare RL Bilquis (DDA Rasan x RL Boomerette by DDA Ihsan) and sired by RL Thunder Cloud (DDA Tyred CF x DDA Hadba by Letarnad), with so many crosses to the original import mare Hadba.

Suri Al Sahra

Here she is with her dam RL Bilquis, aka “Penny” who is a small mare, but still looks gorgeous in Jeannie’s good care..




5 Responses to “Gorgeous Suri Al Sahra, 2013 Hadba Enzahi filly”

  1. Someone is taking some pretty good photos, too: this entry and the next!

    I love these promising young ladies, giving us hope for the future, when we need it most.

  2. bien faite avec de la présence

  3. excellent filly and the double dose of Tyrebah is also a plus!

  4. Thanks all for both the comments on this filly and my photographs of her.

  5. I just have a gut feeling about this little girl. She will go far! Well done Jeannie Lieb!

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