Greggan, 1969 Saqlawi Jadran of old Blunt lines

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 22nd, 2015 in General


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  1. Edouard-

    Do you know if any Asil horses tracing to Greggan are still alive today in Europe or Israel? I looked on Datasource but could not find any. I’m curious if there are any left and what they are up to.

    I know Vincent Melzac sold some horses to Ireland and Israel but I am not sure what happened to them. He used Greggan heavily on mares he bought from Richard Pritzlaff.

    We exported his son Kildimo out of Ghadaffa to England in 1988 or 1989. Kildimo was the most look alike “100% Doyle” Greggan son. Unfortunately, he was only bred to non-Asil Crabbet mares while he was there. According to Datasource, one of his daughters had a filly that was exported to Abu Dhabi who is probably still alive but that is as far as it went….and not Asil.


  2. I would not know but Tzviah Idan certainly would know what remains of Melzac’s Israel-Asil partnership

  3. Datasource is out of date on AHSB registrations. I’m pretty confident the Grey Sparkle line is breeding on in straight Crabbets. I’m not sure about Moongleam but I wouldn’t count that out at this point either.

  4. Greggan had 18 Al Khamsa foals which is the most of any Doyle stallion ever. A lot of people liked the way he looked.

    He died on our farm in the early 1990’s. In old age I remember him being a piece of cake to lead around. He had incredible bone and for our horses at least, he was extremely “refined.” He was beautiful to watch prance around. In fact, he would start to prance as soon as you put a halter on him. He always put on a good show.

    In contrast, Huntington Doyle, who is second to Greggan in the number of Al Khamsa offspring with 12, was nice to watch in action but I would not call him “refined.” I would use words like “powerful” to describe Huntington. I would say the same thing about his sire Dib. I would not say that these two stallions ever really “pranced.” When I led them they pretty much drug me around.

    Since the 90’s I think we have tried to mix the two styles as much as possible. Some of the younger stallions we have today are a better combination of raw power and refinement that these two stallions exemplify.

  5. Thanks Michael for the Grey Sparkle and Moongleam info. I’ll check it out on Facebook to see if anyone is still active.

  6. I have some brief but good super 8 movie footage of Greggan that I took in Iowa back about 1977. He was a very impressive horse. Of course I saw him again several times in 1987-89 at the late Vincent Melzac’s place. Actually Vincent had engaged me in 1988 to try to convince Richard Pritzlaff in arranging a trade lease whereby Greggan would go to Richard Pritzlaff in exchange for Blue Boy which Vincent had so much wanted to have. Sadly this did not materialize before Vincent’s passing. This would have been an historic exchange that would have benefited greatly both breeders in my opinion.

  7. It would be great to see that video Joe. Any chance to convert it to digital? I only remember him well when he was over 25.

  8. Hi Lyman,
    I am in the process of trying to locate a quality service for digitizing all my old movies.

  9. We were very happy with Debenham Media Group in Pittsburgh. They did well with some very compromised film. You can find their consumer arm at

  10. thanks Jeanne

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