Guest Blogger Laszlo Kiraly

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 6th, 2017 in General

One of Hungary’s veteran Asil Arabian horse breeders, Laszlo really needs no introduction.

Laszlo owns and edits a horse magazine owner and editor Lovas Nemzet, an historian of the breed, and a believer in the universality of Asil bloodlines. Suffice it to say he owns some of the last lines to Babolna’s Siglavy Bagdady VI and 25-Amurath Sahib, and the very last line to Abbas Pasha’s Selma that runs through Musgrave Clark’s Courthouse Stud, and that he has been successfully breeding them to some of the best Egyptian lines in addition to the Davenport bloodline of Delicate Air.

3 Responses to “Guest Blogger Laszlo Kiraly”

  1. Siglavy Bagdady 11
    Siglavy bagdady DB x 219 Aida DB

  2. Siglavy Bagdady Kadi
    Siglavy Bagdady 11 x Kalga

    Keva (Kewa)
    Siglavy Bagdady 11 x Kalga
    Poles used that mare to re-establish Szamrajówka dam line.

  3. Eagerly waiting many posts ^^

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