Halep-Guzeli, Kuhaylat Umm Junub from Turkey

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 17th, 2011 in General, Turkey

Teymur, from Germany, sent me this picture of the Turkish Arabian mare Halepguzeli 3 (in Turkish, the “Beauty of Aleppo”), a Kuhaylat Umm Junub by Fis Fis (Hilaluzzaman d.b. x Macera d.b.) out of Halepguzeli 2 (Kurus, i.e., “Krush Halba” x Halezguzeli d.b).

The original “Beauty of Aleppo” who was the grand-dam of the mare in the photo was a Kuhaylat Umm Junub born in 1930 and bred by a Nuri Effendi of Aleppo, Syria, and later imported to Turkey.

So know we know at least two surviving lines for the precious strain of Kuhaylan Abu Junub, one in Saudi Arabia (but came from Syria in the 1960s-70s), and one in Turkey, which also came from Syria in 1930.

I am simply amazed at the resilience of these rare strains that were so prevalent before and which at some point were thought to be lost. It’s like new sightings of birds everyone thought were extinct.

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  1. Halepgüzeli Damline:
    Sipe: Grey, 2002, by Taha of Halepgüzeli.1
    Mavi Gözlüm: Chestnut, 2003, by Al-Isik of Halepgüzeli.1
    Salok Kizi: Grey,2001, by Devirhan of Burcu.2,(It has the certificate of breeding).
    Kücük Nafile: Chestnut, 2006, by Turgut Reis of Burcu.2
    Zilonk: Chestnut, 2010, by Alburak of Saloki Kizi
    Yabirgüzeli: Grey, 2001, by Saganak of Sinem.1,(It has the certificate of breeding).

    All this Horse’s without any Polish Blood (Insallâh)…So they can be called as Asil.

    But, I have found yet another Kuhaylah Junub mare: Aynur It means: “Moonlight”.
    Also their Tailfemale line still exists, but also in private breeders.

    http://new.ykk.gov.tr/ykkeng/Pedigri.aspx?xsira=3376&Irki=0&xcins=Mare&OlTar= . .1988

  2. I like this mare!

  3. My Fault:
    This Mare, Mavi Gözlüm: Chestnut, 2003, by Al-Isik of Halepgüzeli.1 (It has the certificate of breeding).

    Not Yabirgüzeli…

    All Mare’s and Stallion without the certificate, not for breeding…So this Foals of thus Horses are not compared in the Studbook…very strange this Concept…so many Strains will gone with the Wind…

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