Hamdaniyat Ibn Ghurab from Shammar in 2009

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 29th, 2011 in Arabia, Syria

This photo was also taken in the same place as the one below it, and it shows the same chestnut Hamdaniyat Ibn Ghurab mare as the mare in the center of the photo below, four years later. Jean-Claude Rajot, who I believe took it, and Arnault Decroix, visited the marbat of Ibn Ghurab and several other marabet in 2009, in their quest for asil desert-bred horses to bring back to France, in the first importation of this type and scale since the 1920s.

They brought back one mare, Rafikat al-Darb, a Shuwaymah, as well as several stallions: Mahboub Halab, a Shuwayman; Nimr Shabareq, a Ma’anaqi; Dahess Hassaka, a Kuhaylan al-Nawwaq; Milyar Halab, a Kuhaylan al-Krush; and Shahm, a Ubayyan who, in my opinion, was the best of the lot, and died a premature death a few months after his importation, without having had the chance to leave offspring.

Look at where the ears of the Hamdaniyah mare in the photo are set, and how they point. They horses are like wild animals, in this sense.

Most of the Hamdani of Ibn Ghurab are of a very rich chestnut color; both Radwan Shabareq’s al-A’awar, and Basil Jadaan’s Mobarak, were of this color; they were both born at Ibn Ghurab’s and were closely related anyway (not sure how, though; I once heard the second was a nephew of the first); most of the mares we saw in 2005 were from that color too.

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