Haraka and Bint Hamida, Saqlawi Jadran mares in the USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 17th, 2011 in Egypt, USA

The two Saqlawiyat Jadraniyat full sisters Haraka and Bint Hamida (Kenur x *H.H. Mohamed Ali’s Hamida) have founded a dynasty of their own in the USA. Their dam Hamida (Nasr x Mahroussa) was bred by Prince Mohamed Ali and was a half sister of *Zarife, *Fadl, and *Maaroufa; their sire Kenur (*Sunshine x *Tairah) was the offspring of two Albert Harris’ Saudi imports to the USA.

Both photos are from the archives of Billy Sheets, but I have seen them before in a Khamsat magazine issue too.

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  1. Yes these are wonderful images. You saw them in the Khamsat before because years ago Judi Forbis gave me some original photos that were sent to her by Lois Kinney who owned the above two mares. In the old days some people who had these horses shared original photos of them with others so there are some copies around though getting harder to find. Billy and I also shared photos with each other in an effort to keep them alive so to speak. Now an effort is underway to produce an archive on Arabian horse images, documents etc. so this will be great for the future. It is a huge process but needs to be done. These two mares above, from all images I have seen, were excellent “old world” mares and it is sad that we do not have more of their blood today. The wonderful Al Khamsa stallion Karimkhan who is a grandson of both these mares was featured in the very first Khamsat Magazine, V1N1.

  2. Really like the picture of bint Hamida. That mare really had everything, including Sunshines jowl. Wonderful coupling too, and of course excellent bone.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  3. I had both of these mares at my place in the desert, for awhile. I also owned a Hallany Mistanny daughter, out of Haraka. These were small mares, with very good bone, quite compact, but quite plain to unattractive in the heads, which I suspected was due to Kenur and not to their dam. It is a shame that their blood has nearly disappeared from the Aisl lines. I bred a granddaughter, by using Ansata El Sherif, which resulted in an attractive mare, then bred her to Tamarack RSI and got a barn burning of a colt, but with each succeeding generation, there was less of the original look.

  4. Loriee: So when you outcrossed to the new Eygyptian did you get an increase in size- and still retain the good disposition and bone. I wonder if you did rotating outcrosses within the Al Khamsa framework you would be able get disposition, size, and type all rolled into one.
    Best Wishes
    Bruce Peek

  5. Carol Lyons did some work with this line–I’ve only seen one of the progeny, but she certainly speaks well for the project: Polynesia LD, by Mandarin CF out of an Anchorage daughter out of Mistara, who was double Kenur/Hamida (Bint Hamida son x Haraka).

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