By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 4th, 2011 in General

Is this Hasiker (*Hamrah x *Reshan), the K. Hayfiyah daughter of two Davenport imports?

8 Responses to “Hasiker?”

  1. I believe I’ve seen that picture labelled Hasiker before.

  2. See also: http://www.sporthorse-data.com/d?showpic=117231&nm=3&time=1312704272

  3. I believe it was identified as Hasiker in Mary Jane Parkinson’s book on the Kellogg Ranch.

  4. This photo has been published with identification as Hasiker at least since the 1970s. Is there some question?

  5. No, there isn’t. It’s just the first time I see it. I will actually go ahead and delete the whole thread.

  6. great photo, sometimes it is just to hard to believe that
    something that nice is for real!

  7. Some modern day Hayfi mares of bint dharebah tf look exactly like her. Not having seen this pic earlier, and not trusting allbreepedigree, I had a doubt on whether that photo could be so ancient.

  8. I believe this photo reaffirms Homer Davenports comment on the special look of “Chorus Girl Eyes”. It is a look that to me seems very strong in many of the family from Dharebah.

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