Hassan a Stallion at the Syrian Arabian Horse Government Stud in 1958

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 24th, 2013 in Syria

Last year, I posted a photo of the grey Ma’naqi Sbayli stallion Sultan, one of the Syrian government stallions at the stallion depot of the Veterinary Unit of the Syrian Ministry of Agriculture in 1958 (Syria’s then equivalent of the EAO). Now I am posting this photo of Sultan’s mate, the Hamdani Simri stallion Hassaan. Photo from Hazaim Alwair.

Hassan 1958 Syria

Judging from these pictures and others, the Syrian government appears to have maintained of asil stallions at this time. I was told that when in the late 1950s Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser offered it the stallion Amro (Nazeer x Amara by Kheir x Zahra by Hamran II), many Syrian breeders shunned him because they felt the government stallions were better.


6 Responses to “Hassan a Stallion at the Syrian Arabian Horse Government Stud in 1958”

  1. Another stallion standing at the Syrian government stud at that time was Abu al-Tayyeb, a K. Krush. See here:


  2. Fawaz was from Syrian government?

  3. So good!

  4. He looks stunning & proofs desertbreds can be very, very typey. Same applies on Abu al-Tayyeb – especially considering that they’re posing naturally.

  5. no fawaz was at the stud of salih srouji in damascus

  6. Thanks so much Edouard,I have cross four straight Egyptian mares with Fawaz’s son.God bless them.

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