Haykal Al Arab, 2015 Ma’naqi Sbayli colt

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 28th, 2015 in General

The fifth horse I have bred since coming to the USA fifteen years ago was born August 11, a bay Ma’naqi Sbayli by Monologue CF out of CSA Baroness Lady. A Davenport and Egyptian cross with a tail female to Lady Anne Blunt’s Ferida.

He was born three weeks early. At first his mother refused to nurse him and he was too weak to stand on his own, but thanks to the heroic efforts of Sue Moss, who held him up and fed him every two hours for thirty six hours, he survived, and has since caught up, and is now doing very well.

His name will be Haykal Al Arab. In old Arabic Haykal means strong and tall, and that’s what I want him to become, after being born weak and small. Sixth century AD poet-king (and king of poets) Imru’l Qays composed this famous verse about his stallion:

wa-qad aghtadi wa-al-tayru fi wukanatiha bi-munjaridin qayyada al-awabidi haykal-i

I set off in the [early] morning, when the birds are [still] in their nests, on a strong and tall short-haired [horse] [whose speed is such that] it makes [fast moving] wild animals [seem] shackled and motionless

In Arabic, Haykal also means temple, as in a strong and tall, monumental building. In reminiscence of and grievance over the monumental two thousand year old temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra, this pure gem, destroyed by the ISIS assholes (sorry, no better word) this same month of August.

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  1. Congratulations Edouard I hope Haykal will follow in the footsteps of the many great Muniqi stallions.. As for the temple at Palmyra why in gods name would someone do such a thing?
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. Hope your new colt grows strong and naughty to make up for his rough start.
    Don’t worry about your rough language, though. I’m sure history will have even more colourful words to describe them. God help us.

  3. I so agree with Cathie. They are everything you said, and much worse.

    So glad the colt has made it this far, and looks like he will be safe. Now you need some fillies!

  4. Wonderful name for your new colt Edouard! Pictures of the newest member of your herd?

  5. i still have to go up to sue’s to take some…

  6. Well named, your new colt. As to those who destroy the wonders of the past, present and future… assholes is much too good a word.

  7. It’s been a very long time since I have visited this blog, mainly because fascinating as it is I was spending time that I don’t have reading it! Anyway just posting to express my grief also at the destruction that those psychopathic barbarians have wreaked on the utterly beautiful and unique treasure that is Palmyra, the lovely temples, arches statues and of course most especially their horrific treatment of Khaled Al Assad. There are no words sufficiently damning to describe the actions of this vicious cult.

    On an extremely different note, Harry and I are looking for a foal, a filly, we were looking for a Crabbet filly but if anyone knows of an Asil filly of proven performance bloodlines please let me know. We would intend her to have an athletic career, hopefully to breed and certainly to be treated as family and live with us for her whole life. We are live in Wales so I am referring to Britain or the West of Europe as a potential source!
    Thank you !

  8. Lisa you may want to ask if Carol Lee in the UK has anything out of her Doyle/Crabbet asil mares, by Egyptian stallions. I understand the offspring are doing very well in endurance as well as in racing.

  9. Thanks Edouard I will look her up!

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