Hazaim now in the USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 15th, 2011 in General

The cause of the asil Arabian horse in the USA just gained a major boost last week, with the coming of Hazaim Alwair to this country. Hazaim, a heart surgeon, and a native of Hims in Syria, is now settled in Greenville, NC, and is more knowledgeable and passionate bout the Syrian asil Arabian horse than anyone I know. Wait till you meet him, and you’ll understand what I mean.

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  1. Oh, how wonderful! We will get to meet! Welcome, Hazaim!

  2. Welcome Hazaim Alwair to America. I hope to be able to meet you and learn from you about our favorite subject, the Arabian horse.

  3. Arghhh! Your gain is our loss, I heard Hazaim speak a few years ago at an AHS meeting, he is a fantastic speaker, passionate and knowledgeable, (and certainly gave some dyed in the wool show fanatics some food for thought). At the time we tried to arrange for him to speak to our Ridden Arab Group here in Wales but for various reasons it didn’t happen at the time, only tonight we have a committee meeting where I was going to suggest that I contact him again…. too late it seems :(!
    Hazaim if you read this I hope all goes well for you in America and please continue the blog on Syrian horses that you started last year, it is wonderful…
    Best Wishes

  4. That is great.

    Syrian horses are neglected, and that is unfair, becouse just Syrian horses and horses from “Mesopotania” are base for many breedings programs, and horses from these countrys are respected from beduins………..

  5. How wonderful! We here in the US are very happy to welcome you, Hazaim!


  6. I like to welcome Hazaim and waiting to read his contribution to this blog.

  7. Hurrah!!! I met Hazaim 3 years ago. I was blessed to make a visit with him to Jenny and Tony Lee’s Pearl Island Arabians (with their marvelous Bahrainy and Barhrainy/Crabbet horses). Hazaim’s enthusiasm for the asil horse knows no bounds. I am SO excited he is here. Dancing out here in California and can’t wait to get to the East Coast to visit.


  8. Hazaim, welcome to the states!its good to have more Asil supporters from a cradle country here. Hope to meet you one day.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  9. Thank you Edouard and everybody for this warm welcome I am previliged to hear from you all and wish you all the best.

  10. Hazaim,

    I fondly remember a perfect afternoon spent with Edouard, Anita, Petit Point CF and her 2004 colt, just sitting in their paddock talking until we lost the daylight, and then moving indoors to look at photos of horses. I hope we in California can be blessed with another such day that includes you.

  11. Hazzaim, welcome it wonderful to have you in America… Best of wishes for your here and much success… I am looking forward to learning much from you… How do I find your blog?

  12. syrianarabianhorses.com

  13. Welcome, Hazaim!

    We’re nearly “neighbors”, (compared to those of us on the West Coast, anyway. LOL)
    The door and gate here are always open, and the tea ready to pour here in NJ!

  14. how are the horses Terri, a quick update please! Terri breeds some of the last Ma’naqis.

  15. Hi Edouard,

    We’re doing okay, all things considered. I didn’t breed anyone for this year due to the poor economy, but I’m giving some serious thought to this coming breeding season. I’m thinking we may breed KRH Sabrina Jewel again this year.
    I will be working with CSA Jerusha in harness with an eye to using her for Combined Driving, and I will be starting her daughter, GTS Al Mas Hura as soon as the ground thaws out.
    GTS Al Mulsinah will be 1 this May, and is living up to her name. And I don’t know if I mentioned or not, but GTS Dabab is staying with us! She’s coming 2, and is stunning. Once the winter fuzzies are gone, I promise to get some photos.
    I got an email from Carol Stone, who says that CSA Amira Kista has been bred to CSA Managhi Amir, and is expecting a foal for this year. She also has GTS Hanshouf out there. (We couldn’t keep 2 intact boys here–no room…)Carol is very excited about the coming foal.
    RB is doing well, as are the girls. I’m looking forward to spring–it’s been a very long winter!

  16. Hallo Mr. Edouard,
    my name is Enver Ziga, Saraevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina. We in Bosnia breeding Arabain horses from 1895. Most of our foundation stock were from Syria desert. As I am breeder and book writer I try to make e-mail contact with Mr. Hazaim or Mr. Basil or someone of breeders in Syria. Maybe You can hel me. Thank You and best regards.

  17. of course, I will help you. Just give me a couple days please.

  18. These are good news for us,european asil breeders?

    Best wishes,László

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