A tribute to the masters

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 11th, 2008 in General

A few people come to mind each time I am about to embark on a horse-related endeavor such as this blog.  These are the people without whom true Arabian horse breeding – and our understanding of it – would not be what it is today.  Some of these people I had the honor to meet and get to know well, others I simply heard of or read about.  Robert Mauvy of France is one of them.  His enduring contribution to the breed will be featured prominently on this blog.  Charles Craver in the United States is another.  His and his wife Jeanne’s Craver Farms continue to produce one crop of authentic, desert-like Asil Arabians after another, and his breeding philosophy is an inspiration for many breeders here in the USA.  The dedicated Bedouins individuals who handed us these magnificent creatures from time immemorial are yet others whose legacy I reflect upon as I write these lines.  The next few entries on this blog will seek to highlight the contribution of some of these Bedouin individuals, and put it on par with that of the great ‘masters’ of Europe and America.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the coming entries about Bedouin ‘masters’ and their contribution to asil horse breeeding.
    Congratulations on this wonderful blog….where east meets west and all who have an open mind and want to gain a deeper understanding about the asil horse and the people who bred them will find much to ponder.
    Congratulations, Edouard. Well worth waiting for, my friend.

  2. Thanks, Tzviah. We’re together on this.. I look forward to your thoughtful contributions on these issues, as always, and particularly on how to build a global coalition spanning east and west to preserve these asil horses.

  3. I’ll look forward to reading more of your insights on this topic. I agree so much with the idea of a global coalition to preserve these horses.

    Pat your horses for me Edouard!

  4. Edouard,

    I’m looking forward to following this blog. Our herd of Ma’aneghi horses has grown by leaps and bounds since the last time you visited! And you know how much I’ve enjoyed our discussions on strains and the Bedouin ways.

  5. Good to hear from you, Terri. The blog already features photos of two desert-bred Maanaghi Sbayli mares, Helwah and Sayfia. Check them out!

  6. I did. 😉
    And you’d sent me the shot of Sayfiah. What a very pretty mare! She’s part of the screen saver on my computer that shows all the photos I’ve got saved of the horses over the years.
    CSA Amira Kista is due in mid April. If you have the time, we’d love to have you visit again.

  7. Dear Edouard,
    im starting at the beginning. i can get lost in your blog soooo easily, its wonderful. i lived in nigeria when i was a child, i had a horse! he was an arabian stallion. he had a tribal name but i cant remember it. i called him Sahara. i dont believe i new of a gelding the whole time well maybe one a TB. somebody rode him from the golf club. boy did people get mad at me for riding on the golf club property. it was so nice and soft, and green the horses loved it. we lived in Jos, its about in the middle of nigeria. through friends i got to ride the police horses on the weekends as well. they were all arabians and hot. it was fun. some say where you spend your childhood it makes you what you are today. it was the best time of my life. i know a little about the the Sahel, Tuareg (sp), and the Bedouin (sp).
    I want to learn all i can about the Asil Arabian. i draw horses and i am starting here. i’m going to draw them all! i hope you read this. i dont know if you are notified of posts or not? anyway take and thank you for this blog! i better get to work!
    indi 🙂

  8. Thanks indi for the kind words. of course i read this..

  9. Edouard, may i use your photos on flickr for reference (to draw from)? i should have asked in the last message. sorry.

  10. sure…

  11. that’s great, thank you.
    I’m drawing “Fadda” today. when i draw the horse i remember their name and their look. I’m sort of funny that way. this is going to be a great exercise. 🙂

  12. hello Edouard,

    i have completed “Fadda” if you would like to see, you can at:


    hope the link works.:)

    is there any way i can search your blog, to see if you have cited a particular horse? that way while i am drawing each horse, i’m learning about them as well.

    can you possibly tell me a little about “Fadda?” this horse has the most beautiful head.

    thank you

  13. “Faddan” b.1935


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