Help identifying horses

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 24th, 2011 in General

I need help identifying several horses in photos I took in my June 2002 visit to Carol and Diane Lyons. They are all beautiful horses, but I failed to remember the names as I was taking the photos. I have several more.

The stallion in the first photo looks like he has some Monsoon not to far in the pedigree, judging from his hindquarter. Maybe SA Apogee? The mare in the middle I have no clue. The last one is Dulcet? or Lustre? Carol was very proud of her.

7 Responses to “Help identifying horses”

  1. At first glance, I think we have SA Apogee, CH Iliads Tarikah, and Lustre CF.

  2. I’m with RJ on the first and last photo. (Not that I disagree with your ID of the bay, just that I don’t know her well enough to name her without looking up her markings.)

  3. Thanks RJ and Ambar!

  4. Yes, the middle horse is Iliad’s Tarikah, with her filly Penelope DL.

  5. I come from Malta (Mediterranean). My father once owned a horse which he bought some 60 years ago from Algeria. I have a cetificate but it is in french. Is there any body who can help me to give me a history of the horse if I send a copy of the certifcate?

  6. if you send it to me Francis, I will translate it and send it to you. If he was an Arabian horse, there is a chance he came from Tiaret. If he was a Barb, then I dont know..

  7. Ashirat is a mare’s name. In which country was she?

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