Help needed squinting at fuzzy photo

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 24th, 2017 in Bahrain, Syria

This is “Maanaghieh Safra Marshoosha”, literally “the yellow fleebitten Ma’naqiyah mare” from Bahrain. The photo is from Volume 1 of the Bahrain Studbook, and I think was taken by Danah Al Khalifah. I don’t have it in a better resolution, and those who have Volume 1 can probably see better.

I need help figuring out whether the mare is sticking her tongue out in the photo. It sounds stupid, but there is a reason for this request:

‘Atiyah Abu Sayfayn, the Fad’aan Bedouin from Syria who owned one of the most reputable XXth century Ma’naqi marbat told Kamal ‘Abd al-Khaliq who told me several years ago that ‘Atiyah once (in the 1950s-60s?) gave a grey/yellow Ma’naqiyah mare to Jad’aan the son of Miqhim Ibn Mhayd who in turn gave her to a senior member of the royal family of Bahrain. ‘Atiyah told Kamal that the mare’s nickname was Umm Lssoon, the ‘mother of tongues’ because she always stuck her tongue out. He also told him that she was closely related to Atiyah’s mare Wadeehah (b. 1970), photo below taken by me at Kamal’s stud outside Aleppo in the early 90s.

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  1. I’m in love with this mare. With both mares, but I’ve been in love with Wadeehah since I first saw 1 photo 25 !! years ago!

  2. I do have Volume I, which credits this photo to Dr Valerie Noli (from South Africa). And yes, that looks like her tongue to me.

  3. Michael, thank you for the correction. Does the mare appear under the stud of Sh. Mohammed, or under the main Amiri stud? and what does her entry in Volume 1 say about her?

  4. I am unable to find an entry for this mare in the book; the Ma’anagieh section states that the strain “is represented by two lineage [sic]: Ma’anagieh bin Hiddfa al-Murra and Casbet el Khel.”

    Since Dr Noli visited in the 60s, and this book is dated 1980, I wonder if the Marshoosha line died out in the interim.

  5. thanks. She is the dam of Managhi Alahmar and maternal grand dam of Managhi Nadeem, who I think was born after 1980

  6. I looked in my Vol 1 and I agree that she could be putting the tip of her tongue out to the side. Interestingly Ansata Omar Halim also used to do this often. Because Ma’anagieh Marshoosha is pictured in Shaikh Mohammed’s section and it lists there some progeny of Ma’anagieh Safra Marshoosha, this grey mare could be another from this line. Perhaps also she did not produce so no recorded progeny? But Shaikh Mohammed had this strain in vol 1 and vol 2.

  7. I reread your post and i see that I had misunderstood the “Safra” thinking that the Ma’anagieh Safra Marshoosha in Sh. Mohammed’s section was a chestnut!! My mistake.

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