Her Royal Highness, the Queen of Arabia

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 10th, 2011 in Saudi

Matthias Oster sent me these two photos of the 2003 mare Wassayef al Thalitha (Nader x al-Barsaa). She won the Saudi desert bred mare class at al-Khalidiyyah show. Her owner is HM King Abdallah ibn Abd al-Aziz Aal Saud. I could not imagine her being owned by anyone else than a king.

10 Responses to “Her Royal Highness, the Queen of Arabia”

  1. It is too bad that they shaved above her eyes. It makes a lovely mare look like her eyes are placed too high in her head….

  2. Yes, Jeanne, IMO that ridiculous fad is demeaning to the horses.
    At least this regal beauty is allowed to stand naturally. Her quality needs no artificial enhancements to shine!

  3. What a lovely mare. And very different from what won just recently at Scottsdale.

  4. Jenny, Jeanne,… exactly.
    Lovely mare though, I haven’t tortured myself by looking at Scottsdale picture but I can imagine Tamara.

  5. Hi Edouard,
    Mucho busy, but when I come up for air next month I will comment more on this mare Wasssayef al tahlitha posted by Mattias. I am so happy he got some photos of her. She won Class 15 #245 for mares 4-years-and-older at Al-Khalediah Arabian Horse Festival. This mare is a mare of dreams. The photos do not catch her movement…spectacular…hock action, stride, muscularity, proportion, personality, attitude…you name it, she had it. Simply a beautiful creature. Rosemary

  6. I really could tell, hence the title.. I have seen a couple mares like her in Syria in the late 1980s, but nothing since.

  7. Regretfully I do not have better photos of her. Rosemary is totally right about her.

  8. She is so lovely so Amazing!!! WOW

  9. I don’t care if that young mare was wearing a snood, it could not have hidden her beauty. A lovely, lovely animal.

  10. Amazing mare, she really has the bearing of a queen. Nice pic.

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