Hijab, asil Saqlawiyah Ibn Amoud mare from Syria, now in France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 29th, 2010 in Arabia, France, Syria

Below is a photo of Hijab (Ward Al Mayel x Nisreen by Mubarak), an asil Saqlawiyah Jadraniyah now in France, with Chantal Chekroun, who sent me this picture. Chantal also owns the black Kuhaylan al-Krush stallion Mokhtar. Note the similarity between this photo of Hijab and some of the Priztlaff horses of Rabanna bloodlines (especially the progeny of Kuval RSI)

The bay Hijab was born in Syria, by Mostafa al-Jabri’s asil Kuhaylan Ibn Jlaidan stallion Al-Ward al-Mayed (Mahrous x Nadrah), out of Basil Jadaan’s Saqlawiyah Jadraniyah mare Nisreen (Mobarak x Marwah). Basil gave Hijab and the black Mokhtar to Mrs. Mennings who took them to France. They were later acquired by Chantal Chekroun, who bred them to each other. The breeding of Mokhtar to Hijab produced the dark bay Menjad Maram al-Baida (photo below, by Sophie Lacarre) now a stallion at the Balthasar’s Haras de la Lizonne in Western France. I first wrote about Menjad on this blog several months ago (click here to read). Then I wrote about him and his grand-dam Marwah again here.

Chantal retained Manjad’s full sister Quokriya Al Shatane (Mokhtar x Hijab), whose headshot below she also sent me. The long established marbat of the Saqlawi Jadran of Ibn Amoud, to which Quokriya’s maternal great-grand-dam Marwah traces to, belongs to one of the most powerful clans of the Shammar tribe, that of Ibn Amud. Marwah comes straight from this clan.

According to Fahd Ibn Haddal, the leader of the ‘Amarat Bedouin tribe, in an quote in Abbas Al-Azzawi’s excellent book “Tribes of Iraq”, the clan of Ibn Amud of Shammar, then under the leadership of its best known scion, Hasan al-Amud obtained its Saqlawiyat in a raid against the Frijah clan of the Ruwalah Bedouins. So Hijab ultimately traces to the Ruwalah tribe, the fountainhead of the Saqlawiyat Jadraniyat…

5 Responses to “Hijab, asil Saqlawiyah Ibn Amoud mare from Syria, now in France”

  1. What a thrill to see these beautiful horses!

  2. That head shot of Hijab reminds me of photos I have seen of the Davenport stallion Monologue CF.

  3. You are right! That’s what I was thinking of! Bells were going off…

  4. Yes, very much like some of Sheila Harmon’s Rabanna horses.

  5. I had several mares simular of head, all Pritzlaff. I hesitated to send this, as it is difficult to compare memories to photo’s. The eye’s show the most, yet the bone and tendon’s create such an illusion.

    Makes me wonder, Eduoard, are you looking at strain type? ( I know just some mares, are simular )

    Be careful, some tail female lines remain strong in their type. Yet some stallions hide that type for a few generations.

    *Presenting likeness, twice now, all in the last few days?
    I wonder, perhaps now, same tail female? (Totally differing looks?) That is very easy, especially with
    young horses! and out cross stallions! Line breeding same tail female only creates consistent type, especially in multi generations. Nothing new here, most breeders follow this rule. *(Letan)(Hijab)

    Yet, with Atah the ‘offspring, this outcross, created it’s own look. Like or simular, using Tripoli to the Hamdaniah’s at Cravers and elsewhere.

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