Horses from Ibn Saud as gifts to Egypt’s King Faruk’s wedding

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 18th, 2010 in Arabia, Egypt

Look what I just found in the archives of the Egyptian weekly newspaper Al Ahram: a recent (2006) article citing a much  older (1938) Al Ahram article reporting on the january 20, 1938 wedding of Egypt’s king Faruk to Safinaz Zulfiqar, who became Queen Farida. All the article is interesting, but what is most remarkable is this sentence:

“Al-Ahram presented a register of the gifts that states had presented to “His Majesty the King of Egypt”. Ibn Saud, the king of the Hijaz, presented four horses “that are pure-bred from 400 native horses. They are “Kahilan, a colt, Al-Saqlawiya, Abiyan, a race horse, and Al-Jilabiya. The name of each is traced back to the names of the Arab houses that have preserved them since the ages of the first Arabs.”

What happened to these horses? Do you think we can find their trace in the Inshass Original Herd Book?  


3 Responses to “Horses from Ibn Saud as gifts to Egypt’s King Faruk’s wedding

  1. A quick run through of my copy doesn’t show anything of that dating.

  2. What about that horse el jellabi listed in early eao records? Might he be a son of the jellabiyah?

  3. El Galabi (INS), spelled El Gallabi in EAO Vol. III is a bay stallion, no date, gift from Prince Mansour Al Sa’ud, transferred to the Royal Cavalry in 1946. That info agrees with EAO Vol. III.

    So… ???

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