Horses of Mostafa al-Jabri: 28

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 15th, 2014 in Syria

Dalahem 267

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  1. This is Dalahem by Mahrous out of Nawal, a Ubayyah Sharrakiyah from Aqaydat tracing to the marbat of Ibn Duwayhiss from the Sba’ah.

  2. a major broodmatron at Mustafa’s and one of his favorites. Note the difference in build between the dam, Nawal, who was bred and raised in the desert, and her daughter, who was raised in a more plentiful environment.

  3. Undoubtedly, nutritional levels are a huge factor in the finished product.

  4. Can I get a horse of horses Syria thoroughbreds at the moment?

  5. yes it is still possible to get some, even though many have died. They will be quite cheap to get, since the syrian pound has lost 75% of its value since the start of the uprising.

  6. Ahmad, you know some of the best were exported to Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE some years ago, so you might still find them there.

  7. in particular descendents from Hala and Hallah

  8. If you know someone who wants to sell it introduced me What about Hala and Hallah?

  9. they are the mimrahiyah and the khallawiya pictured in the first two photos about the horses of Mustafa Jabri and are dead a long time ago, both born in 1983 from the same sire. if i know someone i will let you know

  10. Persians Halla (306) Persians obyih or famous stallions With ibn Debian

  11. Thank you, my brother Eduaod interaction and responses

  12. Dalahem herself was exported to UAE in 1997. She had at least 3 foals in UAE, in 1997 a colt called Kayed imported in utero by Tadmor (SY); in 1998 a filly Marah by the imported Syrian stallion Shaddad (SY) and in 2000 a filly Dajinah by Bibi De Carrere. The first two were bred by Mr. Ahmed Abdel Jalil Mohamed Abdulrahim Alfahim and the last was bred by the Royal Stables of HH Sheikh Zayed Al Nayahan.

  13. Yes I remember Alfahim paid a good price for her. upwards of 50k USD at the time, it was said.

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