Horses of Mustafa Al-Jabri: 1

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 19th, 2014 in Syria

Halla, a Kuhaylah Khallawiyah owned by M. al-Jabri

4 Responses to “Horses of Mustafa Al-Jabri: 1”

  1. Dear Edouard, are you able to identify any of these lovely horses by name or strain? This is such an important historical record. Thank you.

  2. Yes of course. Either my father or I took these photos, and I know them one by one. I also have their hujaj.

  3. ok, this is Hallah, a Kuhaylah Khallawiyah from the Tai. Sire “Nawwag Ayadah al-Madi”, by Krush Juhayyim out of a K. Nawwagiyah Bint Abu Ketf of Ali al-Dawish al-Jarba. Dam: a K. Khallawiyah of the marbat of al-Salem, Tai (but back to Anazah).

    That was the best mare in Syria.

  4. Excellente pour ce que l’on peut voir et deviner (orange).

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