Horses of Mustafa al-Jabri: 16

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 3rd, 2014 in Syria

Tadmor, Ma'naqi Sbayli at Mustafa's

9 Responses to “Horses of Mustafa al-Jabri: 16”

  1. Nice horse!!

  2. This is Tadmor, by Al-Aawar out of Holwah, a Ma’naqi Sbayli from the marbat of Shawwakh al-Bu Rsan of the [Gee… I am blanking out, it will come back] tracing back to the marbat of Abu Sayfayn of the Fad’aan and back to Ibn Sbayyil of the Sba’ah.

  3. first time i show this one I think

  4. It is the first time, and I like him! Al-Aawar son, too.

  5. I met Tadmor in 2000 and I was riding with it. it had a very strong personality. In my opinions Tadmor was one of the best stallions, I saw in Syria, in regards to his very oriental and nice foals.

  6. I agree. He is the real heir of his sire, and is also very asil. Old well authentified bloodlines, as with all of Jabri’s horses, but this one is even more special. Bred by Radwan Shabareq.

  7. I respect this stallion very much.

  8. Très beau cheval, puissant aux deux bouts.

    Louis Bauduin.

  9. This stallion really looks like a chestnut Maangi sbayli mare in Australia

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