Horses of Mustafa al-Jabri: 36

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 23rd, 2014 in Syria


5 Responses to “Horses of Mustafa al-Jabri: 36”

  1. Riches! I am so enjoying seeing these new-to-me photos. Who is this elegant lady?

  2. all of these have not published before. this one is registered as a Hadbat Enzahi al-Fawa’ira.

  3. This may be off topic of the respects being paid in honor of this tribute series;(no disrespect intended) although, I found this article & photos of Syrian horses and these people recently (last 10 days)as many are seeking refuge. A tribute to the enduring struggles for this land and its culture. Just thought I would share the link.

  4. Belle jument profonde, bien membrée avec une belle épaule un garrot bien sorti. Son poulain bien articulé aura les mêmes bonnes dispositions.

  5. très belle jument

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