Horses of Mustafa Al-Jabri: 8

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 26th, 2014 in General

Mahrous 257

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  1. The King!!!

  2. Sadly Bruce, that may not be possible for some time. See this earlier post from last year:

  3. This is Mahrous, a Ubayyan Suhayli from the marbat of Awwad Azzam al-Sahlan (who gave the strain its name) of the Shammar.

    Head stallion at Mustafa al-Jabri

  4. Que c’est beau !

  5. Je ne reconnais pas Mahrous sur cette photo. L’ayant bien connu, ce cheval est excellent et excellent reproducteur.

    Louis Bauduin.

  6. i found handwritten notes about the pedigree of Mahrous, which I am reproducing here for the first time, they are probably from a transcription of his hujjah:

    sire: al Wati from Hakim al-Ghishm
    dam: the mare of Wuhayidd al-Hamad of the Faddaghah Shammar
    her sire: al-Marzakani Najm al-Sobh [Abu Ketf]
    her dam: al Ubayyah, whose sire is the Dahman Al-Amer the horse of Sfoug ibn Ajil al-Yawer.
    end of notes.

    I don’t think that the pedigree of Mahrous in the Syrian studbook has this information about the great grand sire that Dahman, being from the Duhm of Ajil al-Yawer, which by the way, Ajil al-Yawer purchased from the Barazi family in Hama in the 1950s.

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