Horses of the Royal Stud of Bahrain on Facebook

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 28th, 2013 in Bahrain, General

Philippe Paraskevas has posted dozens of photos of the asil Arabians of the Royal Stud of Bahrain on his Facebook page, the Egyptian Alternative, under three albums: stallions, mares, fillies and colts. If you don’t have a Facebook account, I would get one just for that.



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  1. Edouard, I bought his book, The Egyptian Alternative , Vol. 1, out of curiosity.
    It is a definite read!!! (Amazon) He agrees with you on too much inbreeding for looks….. hmmmm. Kathy

  2. You are right kathryn, I hit a wall with him though when he said that the Tahawis crossed their horses off Thoroughbreds. Edouard has posted several pictures of Tahawii mares and it would be hard to find a less Thoroughbred looking bunch… I do agree with Phillippes opposition to endless inbreeding and his support of the use of the Inshass horses and good things he said about Sameh, Sid Abouhman(sp)and several other later desert additions to the eao gene pool. But I find him simply uninformed about where arabian horses originiated- Northern Syria and southwest Turkey with scattered evidence of the original Afro-Turkic horse located in the more temperate climate zones of the cradle countries- as opposed to the idea that they originally came from the Nejd an area with hardly any year round water sources. The original Asil horses were dependent on man- the bedouin and his camels.
    I hope though that these minor quibbles in no way divert anyone from the truly valuable views Paraskevas puts forth in his books, escpecially his urging that horses should first be tried under saddle before they would be qualified to enter anything like a,” horse show.”
    best wishes
    bruce Peek

  3. The Tahawi actually did cross hundreds of the asil mares with English TB, to compete in the Egyptian race tracks, and the few ones whose pictures I posted (10 mares and one stallion all in all) are all what’s left from that disaster.

  4. Did not really care for this posting, that is, compared to the
    book of years ago. I think Judy Forbis had something to do with that small book of images?

    Jackson / Bedouin Arabians

  5. You mean Danah Al Khalifa’s book in the 1970s?

  6. oh okay,, So you mean that the tahawi actually kept track of what is asil and what is not? So that when the day comes when waho gets its cranium out of its rectum and recognizes cradle country asils for their gemlike status so they can be used to help fix our too often mantally flighty- toothpick legged- flat backed to the point of dysfunctional halter show horses here in the west
    we will have another resource available that doesn;’t go back to the Blunt horses?
    I think this would enhance genetic diversity.
    Best wishes
    bruce Peek

  7. unfortunately, Mr. Pareskevas’s facebook page is apparently not viewable to non-facebook members like myself. Some make their facebook sites publicly viewable to all (and I have seen some of those), while most of them require facebook membership as I understand it.

  8. Yes, but, I think Judy Forbis helped in some way or the other.

    Wonderful book, I really was taken with the Krush Stallion and his sire. I was told the straight profile was sought in the stallions. Danah Al Khalifa wrote me several times back then. Lots of letters in those days, not instant e-mails as today. She also did an article on the Saluki’s. Fun days filled
    with so many thoughts of horses.

    And then there was all those letters from Mrs.Ott, asking that the world become smaller. As now your blog is actually doing. She wrote Danah Al Khalifa endless letters.

    Oh well, JNH/Bedouin Arabians

  9. Hello! I am new to horses and this special breed. May I ask about how tall Philippe’s horses are?

    They are simply breathtaking!

    Thank you!

  10. They are average height for an arabian horse. 14.2, 14.3, 15 hands

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