HR Judaan, 1994 Dahman Shahwan stallion, USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 1st, 2012 in USA

Don’t you just love the tail carriage on that horse? HR Judaan (Fadaan x Jusera by Julyan) is 50% Julyan (Julep x Bint Maaroufa) and as such carries two close lines to Gulastra (Astraled x Gulnare) and a total of 10 lines to Astraled.

See how reminiscent that is of his double great grandsire Julep (Gulastra x Aziza).

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  1. That’s the type of Egyptian horse I really like, round, muscular, and powerful movement. I think he will produce well with Davenport or other AK mares.

  2. Well, these particular Egyptian horses of the Babson/Brown bloodlines are really more “Blunt” that Egyptian. This of course runs counter of the accepted narrived, but if you look at the pedigree, the blood of Bint Serra, Kazmeyn, Gulastra, etc. is all over this horse.

  3. I prefer them too…

  4. Yes, in pedigree the Blunt stock is found throughout HR Judaan’s pedigree. But in specific, Bint Serra from all her photos was a stretchier type more like the Blunt mare Selima who was the full sister to Bint Serra’s sire Sotamm. Very little if any of Bint Serra’s own look shows in HR Judaan and not much Gulastra either. HR Judaan’s dam Jusera spent a summer at our farm before she was owned by the O’Donnells and I have seen HR Judaan’s sire, Fadaan on a number of occasions as an older horse and I can assure you that he was very much more like Zarife than Gulastra or Bint Serra, in fact from some angles just like Zarife. Likewise for Jusera, she showed strong influence of the PMA stock. Compare the body features of HR Judaan to the PMA stallion Kafifan, or his brother Jasir.

  5. Thanks Joe. Do you see the Ghazala, through both Gulnare and Serra? After all, the Ghazala and the other matriarch in that pedigree, Bint Yemama, are closely related.

  6. Yes in some instances you can see similarities in these female lines but I believe it is tied to color sometimes. The black and dark Babsons revert to the influence of Ibn Rabdan and Sotamm and Kazmeen. These are very influential for their own features, aside from the female line. This is why the mare Selima and her brother Sotamm look like each other but not like their grey mother. For them I think it is the line breeding to Queen of Sheba in their pedigrees (2 close crosses) who is a source of the dark colors. Interestingly there is one old photo of Kazmeen (Sotamm x Kasima) from the Forbis collection that looks almost like the black Babson stallion Khemahr (Fa-Serr x Khedena) who is tail female to Serra. Then there is the Babson mare Fa Deene, a grey tail female Serra, who looks like some of the Forbis pictures of the mare Zaafarana in Egypt. Another thing that is interesting is the look of the mare Gulnare (Rodan x Ghazala), a grey, compared to the mare Ahroufa (Fay El Dine x Maaroufa), and you see some similarities. But the full sister Bint Maaroufa, a chestnut, was notably different, I took movies of her in old age. I believe there are many complexities when line breeding within powerful lines and if any thing is does not always reveal consistencies but rather variety as each powerful influence tries to reveal itself.

  7. I am so grateful that I got to see Jusera in person twice. What pictures can never show is the soul of the horse, and she had an amazing soul. An incredible mare.

  8. Currently the Julyan sire line branch is the only source of the Zobeyni sire line within Pyramid Society straight Egyptian breeding.

  9. Love this Arabian bloodline, still have a 31 year old son of Synicker (ZynSyn ), son of Synbad, son of Julep.
    So wish I hadn’t lost his full sister Synicka ?. Finding the line now I thought was impossible.

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