Hujjah of the Kuhaylat Krush al-Bayda Mumtazah, bred by the Shammar in Syria around 1970

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 20th, 2013 in General, Syria

This is my translation of the hujjah of Mumtazah, the maternal and paternal grand-dam of the Kuhaylan Krush stallion Mokhtar, who is now in France with Chantal Chekroun and is already 27 years old. I am happy to see the number of his descendants increase every year.

“I the undersigned ‘Iyadah al-Talab al-Khalaf, known as al-Qartah from the Faddaghah tribe of the Shammar al-Zawr, who now lives in the village of al-Taif, which is in the district of Tall Hamis in the province of al-Qamishli, I testify by God Most High, a testimony free from all self-interest, that the grey flea-bitten mare that is eighteen years old is Krush al-Bayda; she [i.e., her line] came to us directly from the Shaykh of the Shaykhs of the Shammar, Mayzar Abd al-Muhsin, approximately twenty years ago; her sire is Krush from the same marbat; and so are the sire of her dam, and the sire of her sire; her paternal uncles are from her maternal uncles [i.e., her sire and dam are closely related and so are their sires and dams] and no outside horse was introduced among them  [i.e., the line was only bred to stallions from the same line]. And God is a witness to what we say.

Iyadah al-Talab al-Khalaf

Muhammad al-Iyadah

Salbi al-Sawadi” 

So from the hujjah it turns out that Mumtazah was born at Iyadah al-Qartah but that her dam was bred by  Mayzar Abd al-Muhsin al-Jarba the leader of the Northern Shammar in Syria in the 1950s. Iyadah took her dam from the young heirs of Mayzar upon his death. Iyadah also took Mumtazah’s sire, also a Kuhaylan al-Krush of the same marbat; when she was five or six, he bred her to a black Kuhaylah al-Krush stallion from his breeding, perhaps her brother, and got the bay mare Doumah, who is Mokhtar’s dam.

3 Responses to “Hujjah of the Kuhaylat Krush al-Bayda Mumtazah, bred by the Shammar in Syria around 1970”

  1. I am very proud to have Najm Yarob pure in the strain Kuhaylan Krush his great grand-dam is Moktar’s full sister,his father is Fawaz.These horses are so special!!.Thanks God!! that still we have these precious blood.

  2. Mokhtar didn’t cross unfortunately and pratically with sheik obeyd mares neither Davenport or Babson or egyptian ones.
    Nevertheless we can say it does not belong to the the best lineages and strains coming staight away from the djebel shammar!!!…

  3. please read: we can’t say …

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