“Hurrah! The five from Arabia have arrived…”

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 27th, 2009 in Arabia, France, Syria

Hence read the start of a journal entry Lady Anne Blunt wrote in 1911 (Lady Anne Blunt, Journals and Correspondence, edited by Rosemary Archer and James Fleming, 1986). The entry, brisking with excitement and enthusiasm, recorded the arrival at Sheykh Obeyd, Lady Anne’s Egyptian studfarm, of five of the choicest, best-authenticated desert-bred Arabian horses ever to get out of the Arabian Peninsula, after an arduous journey that lasted several months.

In the same vein, stay tuned for the fresh news of another exciting importation straight from “Arabia” to the “West”, as I put together pictures and text for a story that will no doubt excite many of you, especially those in Europe. Here is a peek (as you can see, these are three, not five):

Sneak Peek

3 Responses to ““Hurrah! The five from Arabia have arrived…””

  1. OMG, Edouard, you certainly have my attention! I hope you are able to tell us this story soon!

    With great anticipation,

  2. Bonjour,

    est il possible d’avoir des explications en Français et des photos des arabe syriens importés ? ainsi que le l’endroit ou ils seront stationnés ?

    merci d’avance

  3. Bonjour, des photos, oui, des explications en francais, ca me prendra plus de temps, mais je suis certain que leurs proprietaires seront heureux de vous en donner.

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