Hussam al-Shimal, another son of the desert-bred stallion Raad, in Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 3rd, 2009 in Syria

Hussam al-Shimal, a son of the desert bred Kuhaylan al-Musinn stallion Raad

Above is a distant photo of another son of the desert-bred Kuhaylan al-Musinn stallion Raad. This is Hussam al-Shimal, a Kuhaylan al-Nawwaq stallion from the marbat of Sa’ed Ameen Yakan, in al-Bad, north of Aleppo.

Hussam is going to be sent to France where he will stand at stud with Arnault Decroix.

I am no fan of the show-ring. I firmly believe that an asil Arabian horse was not born to be paraded around like a puppet, and that among all asil Arabians, the Syrian asil horses deserve this ridiculous treatment the least (these were war and endurance machines, remember), but I thought it was worth noting that Hussam, this son of a desert-bred, was twice Syria’s National Reserve Champion.

8 Responses to “Hussam al-Shimal, another son of the desert-bred stallion Raad, in Syria

  1. Hussam Al-Shamal is one of the best stallions by Raad . his mother , Ruba Al-Shemal is one of the best in Syria as well .
    I love this stallion


  2. I would love to see more pictures of him!

  3. Even from this little photo it’s obvious this guy knows exactly who he is. Talk about presence.

    What about him Laszlo for your mare?

    Can’t wait to get to Normandy to see him in the flesh.

  4. Dear Elena,

    One of my dreams is to covering a mare of mine with this fantastic stallion.I have a dark brown asil mare, Bint Mayadah,who will going one one day to Husam. Maybe.I hope.
    But until this day I have very good fotos of this stallion and about his mother,Ruba Al-Shimal too.She is an imposant black mare of bedouin origin.Now I must see only the beautiful fotos and study the short, but very interessant pedigrees of
    the syrian horses.
    My brown mare’s sire, Mayadah is now in Italy, how I know.
    Best wishes,

  5. Dear Laszlo,

    I am fascinated to learn that the sire of your mare, Bint Mayadah, is in Italy. Do you know where? Mayadah is Syrian?

    I would love to know someone here in Italy who has a Syrian asil Arabian. All Arabian breeders I know have either SE or Polish Arabians, which they also call asil.

    I send you all my best wishes for realizing your dream with Bint Mayadah.


  6. Please click on hereabove enclosed new photo of Hussam dated on 02/11/09. After riding Hussam at Al Fadi stud in Damas, I could tell that Hussam has a lot of agility and power.
    Just I was riding him, it showed me very hardly that I was not his usual rider then it accepted finely my hands and especialy my legs. I tested his very good galop and at the end it seemed to have done no efforts, it was dry and stayed all the time very quiet and ready to make more.

  7. sorry please on my previous message “hereunder”

  8. Dear Elena,

    sorry, but, but the sire of my mare,the dark brown Mayadah is not a syrian, but a Babolna asil.Koheilan Rodan from strain.
    I saw a mare among the syrian horses ,who has the same name, Mayadah. Unfortunately Babolna gave this feminine name for a stallion. Mayadah’s sireline is Ibn Rabdan.SE.
    I don’t know where exactly, but Mayadah was exported to Italy.
    The similarity with the name is accidental, with the syrians ,but the pictures speaking themselves. I will send a picture of Bint Mayadah to Edouard.
    What about your colt ?

    Best wishes,

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