Ibn Aweyde of Bani Hajar: who he was

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on November 4th, 2014 in Saudi

He was obviously the owner of the bay Dahmah Najibah which went to the Abbas Pasha stud, and was the dam of the stallion Jerboa (“Jerbou”) the sire of Shueyman, who was in turn the sire of Helwa dam of Bint Helwa, etc. etc.His bay Dahmah Najiba of the Ibn Aweyde is one of the very very few horses described int he Abbas Pasha Manuscript with modern descendants today. The information about her is well summarized here in the Al Khamsa Roster.

One minor correction is in order: According to the Al Khamsa Roster, translations of lists of Abbas Pasha horses published by Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik [p89] confirms the acquisition of a bay Dahmah al-Najib mare, “mother the mare of Sami: owner Ibn-‘Uwaytah, father Duhayman.” It seems to me, reading the relevant entry in the Abbas Pasha Manuscript, that the “mare of Sami”, dam of the bay mare of Ibn Aweyde, should instead read the “mare of Shafi” and that would be her owner Shafi Ibn Shab’an, leader of the Bani Hajar of Qahtan, and the cousin of Ibn Aweyde. This mare is mentioned twice in this as “the mare of Shafi” in this entry. It looks like Prince Mohamed Aly Tewfik or whoever prepared that list of Abbas Pasha horses which he had access to, got the transcription of the names wrong. This can easily happen given the similarity of the way the two names are written.

Now, according to Saudi Arabian researcher Mohammad Saud al-Hajri, Ibn Aweyde is: Rashid, ibn Aweydah, ibn Rashid, ibn Salim, ibn Muhammad, ibn Shab’an, and has descendants alive today, in Qatar, who are Qatari citizens. His cousin Shafi, still according to al-Hajri was: Shafi, ibn Safar, ibn Husayn, ibn Hadi, ibn Shab’an. They are both from the leading clan of Bani Hajar.

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  1. Also according to al-Hajri, Ibn Aweyde’s grandfather has apparently perished in 1811 in the war between Mohammad Ali’s armies in Najd and the Bedouin coalition led by Saud ibn Abd al-Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Saud, founder of the first Saudi state. 

  2. Good for you! There are so many pieces to the puzzle!

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