Ibn Duwayhiss

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 11th, 2013 in General

This morning I was looking up “Ibn Duwayhiss” , owner of an excellent marbat of ‘Ubayyan Sharrak in my notes — why? I will tell you later; this is more like a note to myself at this stage — and I found the following:

“Ibn Duwayhiss, a family from al-Mawazin, from al-Jabbar, from al-‘Umayrah, from al-Husayn, from al-Bteynat, from al-Sba’ah”


4 Responses to “Ibn Duwayhiss”

  1. The Ibn Duwayhiss family of Gomussah/Sba’ah is now in Saudi Arabia in the area north east of Riyadh (with property between Shuwayh and Ramah) and is currently known as Aal al-Daleelah.

  2. They own and breed sheep of the Nu’aymi line which they brought with them from Syria, and their breeding of sheep along with that of other Gomussah Sba’ah clans (including Ibn Shbib and Ibn Mirshid) is knwon as the best sheep in the Gulf today.

  3. http://www.7alalqatar.net/vb/showthread.php?t=13209

  4. Thank you so much for both your response, and this wonderful website. Your thoughts and blog topics are insightful and valuable- and very much appreciated. I look forward to exploring past posts more now that I have discovered this resource, and whatever you come up with in the future. Your passion for and knowledge of these horses shines through your writing, and I think we are all better for it.

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