Introducing Haykal, 2015 Ma’naqi Sbayli colt

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 15th, 2015 in General

It’s time for little Haykal Al Arab, born two months ago — on August 11, 12.30 am — to make his online debut. He was born three weeks early, so I waited till he grew stronger before showing pictures. He is by Monologue CF out of CSA Baroness Lady (Sab El Dine x Takelma Rosanna). He is an example of a rare cross of a Davenport stallion over a mostly Straight Egyptian dam (three crosses to Alaa El Din) with the addition of the code-red, rarest of the rare Ferida tail female of the Ma’naqi Sbayli strain.

I like him VERY much, and I now somewhat regret letting go of his sire Monologue CF before seeing what Monologue would produce. I think little Haykal takes a lot after his sire: the strong, long, flat croup, the very broad forehead, the long neck, the huge eyes surrounded with black skin, and above all, the delicately tipped ears. His dam has the black skin and the long croup too. His back looks like it would be shorter than his sire’s, and closer to his dam’s, whose back is so short she almost does not have one.

He does credit to both his dam and his sire, too. I like him very much.

lady 011

lady 012



5 Responses to “Introducing Haykal, 2015 Ma’naqi Sbayli colt”

  1. Congratulations, Edouard! A great grandson of Repartee on both the sire and the dam line!

  2. You let one of the finest slip through your hands! I hope Monologue is in safe hands? He has had a difficult life! He was my daughter’s favorite! We do have a son who is Krush! A wonderful stallion.

  3. He is in very good hands indeed.

  4. Congratulations, Edouard. Looking forward to more photos as he grows!

  5. what a handsome lad!

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